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Bulk E-mails Designed & sent professionally

SFG offers a one-stop solution to getting the required information from your business right into your users’ inboxes. There are various reasons for using a professional SMTP server-based solution for sending e-mails, as well as using an experienced and knowledgeable HTML designer to create the message files.

Previously (before the spam era) sending e-mails was not problematic, whereas nowadays it is vital for companies to follow all given regulations of email servers in order to avoid messages ending up in spam folders or being deleted by email servers.

Standard SMTP servers provided by ISP’s (Internet turbo provider – DSL internet connections) are not always reliable – and do not provide an extensive vetting process on all IP addresses, which may cause a blacklisted IP to slip through the cracks, resulting in problems when sending emails.

Some Fat Geek utilizes a reliable, industry-leading service to send HTML e-mails which constantly monitors blacklists and focuses on maintaining relationships with major email providers to keep their servers whitelisted. In short, this means that all email servers will recognize your messages as safe, resulting in all of them being delivered successfully.

The other aspect of delivering the message to your customers focuses on differentiating the message from your competitors’ newsletters -making them accessible, interactive, and beautifully designed. Our team of Graphic designers & HTML developers aims to achieve this goal by applying a modern, graphic & user-experience focused approach to developing HTML files containing the content that you provide.

Bulk e-mail Features

Attachments Everywhere

Attachments, outbound links, mailto tags & tel tags, we can add them all to create the ultimate user interactive HTML5 newsletter for your business.

Meta Tags, Used Right

Compiling a database complete with relevant metadata such as first names, contact information, age, etc. offers us full use of this data, which results in mailers being custom for each recipient.

Visually Stunning

We look at the visual aspect of every small detail that we build, we take pride in the visual impact that our e-mail delivers, and we ensure that our products not only works but looks good doing it.

State Of The Art Software

The best tools deliver the best results. We pride ourselves not only on our arsenal of elite software but also on our ability to utilize and use them.

Design & Development

Define, Design, Refine & Build. We believe a Perfectly balanced strategy between the design & development delivers products that meet every expectation.

Complete Scalability

Rest assured that your email will display & function perfectly on Mobile assistant’s, Tablets, Desktop & Notebook displays, even TV’s & smart fridges!

Bulk e-mail Packages

Find the perfect newsletter design package for you, or request a custom quote now.

General Newsletter


< 50 000 Relays/month

6 HTML Designs Included

Metadata Integration Enabled

Out of bundle designs @ R249.00

T&C’s Applied

Enterprise newsletter


< 100 000 Relays/month

15 HTML Designs Included

Metadata Integration Enabled

Out of bundle designs @ R249.00

T&C’s Applied

Standalone HTML


0 Relays/month

All Features Included

Mobile Optimised (Responsive)

Metadata Integration Enabled (Tags to be provided)

T&C’s Applied

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