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Graphic Retainer

A graphic retainer arrangement is when the designer and the client enter into a contract that covers a specified period of time or a certain number of hours.

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A graphic retainer arrangement is when the designer and the client enter into a contract that covers a specified period of time (such as a month or a year) or a certain number of hours (such as 10 hours per week) or for a specific on-going project.

Graphic Retainers are contract-based and truly the most cost-effective and functional method of acquiring custom made media for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work when I need a design done?

Engaging in a graphic retainer agreement with SFG means, literally, that you have a designer, on stand-by for any and all graphic design requirements that you or your business may require. Terms and Conditions of such an agreement are laid out in a contract that will be signed by both parties before any work may commence.

In short; you can use any method of communication made available by SFG (E-mail, telephone, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.) to place a graphic order – you will receive a draft file within the agreed-upon timeframe.

What happens when my retainer hours are up?

Certain terms of the agreement, such as the total number of hours which we allocate to your graphic design orders, will be determined and agreed upon by both parties. If a retainer agreement is settled with a cap of 15 hours per month, and the client requests work wich scopes beyond this cap, SFG will inform the client that the cap has been reached on graphic work which leaves the client with two options:

  1. Suspend the work order until the following calendar month (When the hours allocated resets).
  2. Allow SFG to proceed with the order, following out-of-bundle design rates (which will be determined and agreed upon in the retainer agreement).
How long does a design take if I have a retainer agreement?

The entire design process still goes through several steps which include not only the designers but the client as well. The 1st part of the process includes the client providing us with the copy that we should use, any relevant media that is required to go along with the design, and any CI guidelines that we should follow. Once we have all of the above, the design process can begin – which leads to a 1st draft being compiled and sent to the client. Once the draft is approved/amended according to the requested changes, the final file will be compiled and sent through. This process will be quicker than private design orders, as retainer agreements include deadline requirements for alpha(draft) files, as well as final files.

Can SFG provide printing services for my designs?

Some Fat Geek is a Web Development, Graphic Design & marketing service provider, but unfortunately not a printing company as well. As we have formed strong relationships with local printers that we use & recommend to our customers on a regular basis, we would be happy to consult in the printing process, but we we are unable to provide the service directly.

Does SFG imprint any of their own branding on the design?

No, we do not imprint any of our own branding on any final design file that we send through.

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